Assigning blame instead of offering help

The Electro-Motive lockout ended today with the parent company, Caterpillar, announcing that they are going to close the plant. 450 workers are now unemployed, and that number will increase as the effect of the plant’s closure is felt in the companies that supplied Electro-Motive. The most immediate concern for all levels of government should be:Continue reading “Assigning blame instead of offering help”

Labour Disputes and Government Intervention

The labour dispute between Electro-Motive and its workers is gathering  a lot of attention (as it should) and a lot of sympathetic political attention. But what are the actual options available, and what are the repercussions? The offer put forward by the company, essentially demanding that the workers take a 50% pay cut, is unfair.Continue reading “Labour Disputes and Government Intervention”