Moving forward

Well that pitch is terrible. I will put a better one up shortly.
The good news is that I’ve decided that only the first few paragraphs of chapter one needs to be rewritten instead of the whole chapter. I’ve moved on in the editing process and I’ll do the rewrite at some point. I have even cut sections out completely, despite my fear that if I prune too aggrssively, there won’t be any story left at all.

I don’t have an Elevator Pitch…

And that is a problem, supposedly. Ignoring the unpalatable idea of shilling my book to every person I meet, there still is an actual need for a brief summary of the book that I can use to describe it to people.  So, I could try this:

Gwendolyn Sees Stars is about chosing to fight when you can’t win.  The main character, Charlie, is detached from his life, and he feels the people around him slipping away. He sleepwalks through his job as a social worker helping street kids, until a girl named Gwendolyn wakes him up. She’s about to become an adult by legal standards, and when she does Charlie will lose her to the adult world of jail, drugs and death. So, he decides to throw aside all of the ethical and legal restrictions and try to save her from herself, even if he loses everything in the process.

The Order of Editing

I’ve come to a decision that I need to re-write the entire first chapter of my book, Gwendolyn Sees Stars. But, do I need to stop right there and do no other editing until that rewrite is done, or can I move past it safely? It would probably make the most sense to just grind out a new chapter one and compare it to the old one to see which one really floats my boat.