One of the most trying element of journalism is waiting for interviewee responses. You can’t push too hard, because you need to maintain a good relationship. You never know when you’ll need to return to particular well. My current assignment is a series of personal profiles for a charity event, so I’m waiting for a lot of people to return my emails. I am learning patience!

How do I kick my own ass?

I am very lazy. I want to write much more than I do. Yet, trying to brow beat myself only leads to self-pity or a full-blown life crisis freak out. So how do I reach the magical land of pulling up my socks and feeling good about it?  I have to work consistently and dependably to make the money, so unless I want to go without (and I do loathe to go without things) I have to get to it. Deadlines have not worked. Pep talks have not worked. In a wierd way, my procrastination gland functions subconsciously and I find myself frittering away time almost without realizing it. It would be nice to stop dragging my metaphorical heels like a kid avoiding school. Gah.